Fun Outdoor Activities, Restaurants, & Breweries in the NC Mountains.

Mahindra Roxor UTV at New River Brewing in NC
Mahindra Roxor UTV at New River Brewing in NC

West Jefferson, Lansing, Grassy Creek, Pond Mountain, and Ashe County NC to be exact 🙂

Experience popular destinations on a Roxor SXS.

Pull up to Molly Chomper in Lansing, NC on a Roxor SXS.

How would you like to cruise down to the river, up to the mountain peaks, or to your favorite restaurant (or brewery) in the NC Mountains, on an open-air Roxor SXS?

How would you like to really experience the NC Mountains like most never have?

Traditional vehicles such as SUVs, cars or trucks don’t let you fully take in the scenes or breath the crisp air in the NC mountains. They can put a major buzzkill on the experience – so refuse to be cooped up inside lol.

For those looking for four-wheeling outdoor activities in the Appalachian mountains and Western NC (WNC), we have designed one of a kind adventure for you! You’ll have an outdoor experience that will blow away what other ATV or UTV rental companies have to offer. 

Unseen Pass’ Mahindra Roxor SXS at the Unseen Pass lol

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.”

– John Muir

Chose to take it all in and get a deep sense of freedom.

Have an optimal experience. That’s the way it should be and Unseen Pass has the solution for what exactly what you’ve been envisioning.

Unseen Pass Mahindra Roxor on outdoor adventure in Appalachian Mountains of NC
Unseen Pass Mahindra Roxor on outdoor adventure in Appalachian Mountains of NC

Unseen Pass allows you to rent a Street-Legal Roxor SXS in West Jefferson, NC drive right out on the road, as Roxors are now street-legal in NC thanks to House Bill 307.

Roxors are essentially mini jeeps or classic CJ Jeep look-a-likes.

“Roxor is based on the design of the Jeep CJ of the 1960s, and Willys CJ of the 1940s.

– Wikipedia

When you rent your Roxor from Unseen Pass, you’re able to pull out on the road and drive to the best, yet rare destinations along the river, creeks, mountain tops, and eating spots 🙂

Leave Unseen Pass on your Roxor SXS Rental. Hit the dirt roads. Go to Pond MountainGarvey Bridge,  the New River Converge, the swimming holes of Helton CreekMolly Chomper for cider, the Healing Springs for mineral filled water, and your vacation rental (Airbnbcabin rental).

We make it super easy for you with pre-determined routes.

Explore Unseen Pass’ Routes >>

Grab pizza from Pie on the Mountain and pull up to Molly Chomper in Lansing, NC for to eat your pizza and wash it down with cider. Lansing is a short scenic drive from West Jefferson, NC.

Pull up to the following restaurants with outdoor dinning in West Jefferson, NC:

Stare at your Roxor while you eat 🙂 (lol I think that may be a guy thing).

Unseen Pass Roxors at New River Brewing
Unseen Pass Roxors at New River Brewing

Leave from one of those popular restaurants and head out on an adventure.

“The Blue Ridge and the Smoky Mountains are the major ranges of the southern Appalachians in western North Carolina. The state’s mountains are topped by rugged peaks and smooth balds that are home to biomes with plant and animal life more commonly found in the northeastern United States and Canada. Forests above 5,500 feet are remnants of the last ice age.”

Facts About North Carolina Mountains, USA Today.

On Unseen Pass Peak Route, you’re able to drive up to the Top of WhiteTop Mountain, which is 5,518 ft, where you can witness an ice-age island-like ecological ecosystem. You don’t have hike, simply drive up a road designed best suited for 4×4 vehicles.  

Climb up from the New River to over 3,500 ft.

Unseen Pass Mahindra Roxor UTV
Unseen Pass Mahindra Roxor UTV

Rent a Roxor SXS and be one of the first to have a unique experience in the NC Mountains. Witness the Unseen.

You can also use the Roxor to go trout fishing and as an extra vehicle for kayaking, canoeing, paddle-boarding, and more outdoor activities and things to do in Ashe County and West Jefferson, NC.

April through November is considered tourism season by the locals in West Jefferson. It’s a popular time and weekends will fill up fast, so book your Roxor SXS Rental today

Unseen Pass Location in West Jefferson NC
Unseen Pass Location in West Jefferson NC

Experience the North Carolina mountains like most haven’t and give your family and friends a warm hearted, satisfied filling that you’ve been hoping to experience. Get back to your cabin fulfilled and sleep like a baby.

Talk about your trips for the following weeks and even years to come!

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Witness the Unseen

– Kyle Wrightenberry

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