Rent a Mahindra Roxor in the NC Mountains

For those looking for four-wheeling outdoor activities in the Appalachian mountains and Western NC, we have designed one of a kind adventure for you! You’ll have an outdoor experience that will top what other ATV or UTV rental companies have to offer. 

You’ll get a true sense of freedom and witness the unseen parts of West Jefferson and Ashe County, NC!

Rent a Mahindra Roxor from Unseen Pass, located in West Jefferson, NC. Have an epic and unforgettable mountain weekend in the North Carolina Mountains!

Unseen Pass allows you to rent a street-legal Roxor in the quaint town of West Jefferson, NC and pull out on the road to drive to the best, yet rare views along the river, mountain tops, breweries, and eating spots (popular destinations) in Ashe County, NC (30 minutes north of Boone, NC).

Self-Guided Routes & Waypoints

Unseen Pass provides two popular routes, in addition to waypoints, so you see the less traveled and unmolested views of Ashe County.

Unseen Pass provides a smart-phone app with predetermined routes to help you easily see the best, yet less-traveled spots in Ashe County.

Scroll through to check out the smart phone routes.

More details…

#1) Peak Route

These are few sights you’ll see on the Self-Guided Peak Route:

These are the kind of pictures you’ll be taking:

This is somewhat how it feels when you’re driving across the less-traveled ridge lines of Western, NC:

Clip from Unseen Pass’ Peak Route

#2) River Route

These are few sights you’ll see on the Self-Guided River Route:

Rent a Roxor for a half a day all the way up to a week.

These are the kind of pictures you’ll be taking on the River Route:

Book your rental today! Unseen has has limited inventory, so don’t risk someone booking your Roxor.

Rental Units

Currently, Unseen Pass has three units available to rent:

  1. White 2020 Mahindra Roxor – $269+*
  2. White 2020 Mahindra Roxor – $269+*
  3. Lifted Grey 2020 Mahindra Roxor – $269+*

*The rates above are 6 hr rates; excludes insurance, taxes, and fees. Check out the full rate breakdown on our rentals page. Drivers must be 22 years of age with a valid driver’s license. Vehicles are for on-road use only (dirt roads allowed and suggested via smartphone routes).

Stock – the Roxor comes with 62 hp with 144 lb of torque. Our units are equipped with stage 2 chips from Diesel Freak, which nearly double the factory horsepower to that of a more traditional SXS (120 hp). This doesn’t make them overly fast or unsafe.

Fun was already off the charts, but we gave it more peppiness to make the Roxor’s more enjoyable on mountain dirt roads. With that said – we do ask that you obey the law, be respectful in the Town of West Jefferson, and respect the residents of Ashe County (Code of Conduct).

Book yours before the units above are unavailable. April -through- November is considered “tourism season” by the locals in West Jefferson. It’s a popular time and weekends will fill up fast.

Unseen Pass’ Roxors are all automatic, so you don’t have to worry about shifting gears. They also have four seats, so you can bring your family and friends along for the adventure 🙂


Additional Roxor Info

Mahindra Roxors are Willy CJ Jeep lookalikes with better motors, transmission, and axles along with a fun factor that’s off the charts. They’ll leaving you smiling every second of your adventure.

Unseen Pass Mahindra Roxor on Big Helton Rd in Crumpler, NC.

Said best by Popular Mechanics:

The Outrageously Fun, Michigan-Made 4×4 You’ve Never Heard Of

Popular Mechanics

A Roxor differs from a Jeep in the following areas:

  • 2.5L, 4-CYL Mahindra turbo diesel engine
  • Solid front and rear axles (Dana 44s)
  • Heavy duty beltless transmission
  • Boxed steel frame
  • Leaf spring suspension

According to Mahindra, “we began making vehicles that were tested to the extreme demands of military use” and they state ” that it’s in our DNA to offer capable, durable vehicles that will out tough and outlast conventional side x sides and unibody trucks.” – Mahindra

Rent a Roxor and take it out with confidence.

Open-Air Vehicles

Unseen Pass Mahindra Roxor on a back country, mountain dirt road.

Roxors are open-air vehicles that allow you to take in the scenic views unlike that of a car, truck or traditional vehicle.

This is the reason why you see so many motorcycles, convertibles, three-wheeled auto-cycles, topless jeeps, and similar vehicles on the road in the mountains. These type of vehicles allow for a much better experience because your sight isn’t limited and you don’t feel stuffy -or- confined. Chances of you getting car sick in a Roxor is slim.

In order to have an epic and unforgettable mountain weekend, rent a Mahindra Roxor SXS before you get to the mountains. A Roxor will severe as the platform for you to experience the best views and visit the neat places in Ashe County.

You also need to have a vehicle you can easily hop in and out of in-town when going to restaurants, stores, and more. A Roxor SXS is the perfect vehicle for this! A Roxor doesn’t have doors but does have safety nets that are easy to unclick.

Unseen Pass Mahindra Roxor on New River

You can now book your rental for anytime on or after April 1st (opening day). Book your Roxor SXS rental for a half day -or- all the way up to a full week!

Brian Cope from Carolina Sportsman Roxor Video

You can use the Roxor to go trout fishing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle-boarding, and more outdoor activities and things to do in Ashe County and West Jefferson, NC.

Find Us


421 E 2nd Street, West Jefferson, NC 28694



Note: We receive lots of spam calls, so it’s best to text first or leave a voicemail and we will get back to you. Everything you need to know is online as well 

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Follow Unseen Pass on Instagram to keep up with the street legal sxs utv legislative effort

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If anything, follow Unseen Pass on Instagram to get an understanding of the experience you’ll have in Western, NC and the Appalachians.

Witness the Unseen

– Kyle Wrightenberry

Check out “The Outrageously Fun, Michigan-Made 4×4 You’ve Never Heard Of” from Popular Mechanics.

Mahindra Roxor at Pond Mountain, NC

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