Senate Bill 241

Hello Everyone;

We’ve reached a big milestone!

The NC Street-Legal SXS Bill has been drafted!

Senate Bill 241 was drafted by Senator Jarvis, Sawyer, and Johnson on March 11th! 

S.B. 241 is an amendment to House Bill 307, which was the bill that allowed Mahindra Roxors to become road-legal in NC on October 4th, 2020. If passed, S.B.241 will allow traditional SXS/UTVs to be road legal in North Carolina which is what we want!

I had a conference call with Senator Steven Jarvis today (03/23).

He is a sponsor of S.B. 241. We discussed several text changes to the draft above (i.e. change the length requirement from 110 to 100 inches).

More importantly – Senator Jarvis stated that the bill is receiving a lot of pushback from the department of transportation (DOT) and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA). He mentioned the ROHVA sent an opposition letter to every senator on the transportation committee :-/ 

This hurts the cause.

The good thing is – now that we have a bill, we can recruit support to ensure this bill becomes law in NC! It’s to our advantage that nearly 7000 North Carolinians signed the UTV Petition. If we could get a decent percentage of those folks to contact the senators on the transportation committee and voice their support, we’re golden. This is our chance to influence their votes.

If you are reading this, please contact the senators who are on the transportation committee via email or phone.

NC Transportation Committee Senators

NC Transportation Committee Senators

It’s very easy to do and super important!

In order for this bill to pass – it must make it through several committees in the Senate , and then the House, which means we need to secure enough votes at each stage in the process for the bill to move forward.

S.B. 241 is starting out in the transportation committee as you most likely figured out by now. It needs to make it through this committee most importantly to start. This is why the call-to-action is to contact the senators on this committee.

Below, I’ve provided a list and a message for you so that’s easy to copy/paste.

Transportation Committee Senators:

Locate the senator for your district or closest one to you by using the list above, then contact that senator and others if you can!

This is not going to get done without you. 

This bill dies without you!

When you contact your senators, please tell them to: 

“Help North Carolina become the 23rd state to legalize UTVs for on-road use. You can do this by voting yes for Senate Bill 241.” 

Message to senators on the transportation committee.

This is short and to the point! It’s very easy to communicate this.

Here’s an email template to copy/paste:


vote yes on Senate Bill 241


Senator {your senator},

Please help North Carolina become the 23rd state to legalize UTVs for on-road use! You can do this by voting yes for Senate Bill 241.

Many thanks,


Copy/paste their email address(es) from the list above into an email draft, then copy/paste the message above. It should look like this:

Email template for senate outreach on Senate Bill 241

Tweak to your liking.

Click send 🙂

For those of you who would like to send a more detailed email to show your personality and support – I’ve provided a plethora of supporting arguments in this blog post: Amend S.B. 307.

Check this out well:

One-pager for NC Senators on the Transportation Committee.

Feel free to scan this beforehand to gather your thoughts.

Regardless, please call or email a senator or senators from the transportation committee.

Next steps…

I’m going to have to recruit 10-15 people to go to Raleigh as early as next week. A small group of supporters will need to swing by the transportation committee members’ offices before they go to committee to vote on this bill.

For those of you interested in attending, please email me. My address is below.



kyle [at] unseen pass [dot] com. I’ll leave you to concatenate it so I don’t get spammed lol.

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  1. Great effort! Signed the bill and hope this is successful!! I moved here from Massachusetts to get away from oppressive government and I am seeing more and more restrictions here in NC than I realized!

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