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For those of you looking for things to do while staying at The Feathered Nest Lofts, this blog post is for you.

The Feathered Nest has partnered with Unseen Pass to bring its guest the platform to have an original experience and to make the most of their stay in West Jefferson, all at a discount.

Enjoy upscale lodging while soaking up the fresh, mountain air!

If you’re one that likes four-wheeling adventures and outdoor activities in the Appalachian mountains or – to simply ride around in town in style and witness the scenes, we have designed a unique experience and supplied the platform for you to do so!

Unseen Pass

Unseen Pass is a Mahindra Roxor rental company.

Unseen Pass Location in West Jefferson NC
Unseen Pass Location in West Jefferson NC

Unseen Pass is located less than a minute’s drive away from The Feathered Nest Lofts.

Mahindra Roxor

So, what’s a Roxor?

Roxors are essentially mini jeeps or classic CJ Jeep look-a-likes. They are considered side-by-sides (SXS) and you’ll see them in many of the popular ATV, UTV, and SXS magazines.

“Roxor is based on the design of the Jeep CJ of the 1960s, and Willys CJ of the 1940s.


Roxors seat up to four people – so bring the family or friends along for the ride when crusing through the small town of West Jefferson -OR- on your adventure 🙂

You’ll smile every sec. of the ride when you rent a Roxor from Unseen Pass:

The Platform for Fun

A Roxor will severe as the platform for you to experience the best views and visit the neat places in Ashe County, NC.

Simply check out the pics below:

To fully take in the mountains – you need an open-air vehicle so you can enjoy the restaurants, towns, sights, and scenery. This is the reason why you see so many motorcycles, convertibles, three-wheeled auto-cycles, topless jeeps, and similar vehicles on the road in the mountains. These types of vehicles allow for a much better experience because your sight isn’t limited and you don’t feel stuffy -or- confined. The chances of you getting car sick in a Roxor are slim lol.

Unseen Pass Mahindra Roxors at New River Brewing
Unseen Pass Mahindra Roxors at New River Brewing

When you rent a Roxor from Unseen Pass, you’ll also be able to hit the road and take an adventure. You’ll be able to explore scenic locations such as Pond Mountain, WhiteTop, Helton Creek, the New River, and more. You’ll be able to visit popular destinations like Molly Chomper and New River Brewing.

Don’t stress on locating the less travled, Unseen Pass has eliminated the guesswork!

Routes & Waypoints

Unseen Pass has spent years mapping out the unseen spots in the mountains of Ashe County and along the New River. Take advantage of the self-guided routes.

As you can see above, Unseen Pass is offering a River and Peak Route.

#1. Peak Route

The Peak Route allows you to drive up on the most scenic, yet hidden peaks in Ashe County. These are few sights you’ll see:

#2. River Route

The River Route allows you to explore the unseen parts of the New River, along with several prominent creeks (i.e. Helton Creek). These are few sights you’ll see:

Save BIG!

Enjoy big savings at Unseen Pass by staying at The Feathered Nest Lofts.


discount code

Take advantage of this Feathered Nest Perk and receive 20% when you book your rental at unseenpass.com. Enter the code ~ FNDWJ20 ~ upon checkout to receive your discount.

How to Book

It’s easy to book your Roxor. Simply click on the red button to be taken to the booking model, or start here:

Currently, as you can see above, Unseen Pass has three (3) units available for rent:

  1. White 2020 Mahindra Roxor – $269 +
  2. White 2020 Mahindra Roxor – $269 +
  3. Lifted Grey 2020 Mahindra Roxor – $269 +

Book yours before the units above are unavailable. Summer and fall are popular times for rentals.

You can book a Roxor for half-day rental (6 hrs) all the way up to a rental for a full week. Go explore for days at a time if you’d like!

Unseen Pass Location in West Jefferson NC
Unseen Pass Location in West Jefferson NC

Once you book your rental, Unseen Pass will be in touch via email to supply you with your renters insurance and renters agreement.

One the day of your rental, show up at Unseen Pass to check in and to receive instructions on how to operate your Roxor.


To inquire more on renting a Roxor and for the fine details, check out Unseen Pass’ FAQ Webpage.

Dining and Drinking Options

In the quaint town of West Jefferson, there are many indoor and outdoor dining options that you can easily pull up to in style on your Mahindra Roxor.

Here is a list of dining options:

  1. New River Brewing Taproom & Eatery (Preferred! A must)
  2. Boondocks Brewing Taproom & Restaurant
  3. Hotel Tavern
  4. Black Jack’s Pub & Grill
  5. Carolina Country Wines
  6. Trent’s Tavern
  7. Home Slice *just added*
  8. Molly Chomper* (Lansing, NC [20 mins away])
  9. Pie on the Mountain (Lansing, NC)

Pull up and hop out of your Roxor Rental with ease.

Additional Resources

If you would like to explore more of what Unseen Pass, West Jefferson, and Ashe County has to offer – here are a list of additional resources:

Bonus Video

Check out this one-minute video that will give you the gist of what it’s like to rent from Unseen Pass.

Take advantage of this Feathered Nest Perk which will allow you to save 20% when you book a Roxor from Unseen Pass.

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