How to use your referral code

Here’s how to use your referral code:

#1). Distribute it

Image showing local business owner referring to Unseen Pass

Unseen Pass makes it easy to share your referral code. You can…

  • Post it on social media
  • Email it 
  • Print it 

Need help creating a social media post, email, or handout? No worries, let me know. I’m happy to help!

#2). Provide Instructions

Simply let your audience know the following:

“When you book your Roxor Rental and adventure at, enter the discount code at check out to save 15% OFF your rental. You’ll see a space to enter the code. Enjoy!”

It’s that easy 🙂

#3. Earn

Earn a free Roxor rental for every 10 referrals you make, in addition to social media shout-outs.

You can also use your free rental as a giveaway to increase your following on social media, business, and more.

It’s easy for Unseen Pass to see when and which referral codes were used.

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