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East Tennessee Rainy-Day Activities

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Fret not, we have outdoor rainy-day activities and ideas that will give you solid options and things to do in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN.

If you planned a trip and it’s going to rain for a day or a few days, don’t be discouraged. There’s no need for the rainy day blues. Keep reading and that frown will become a smile 🙂

How would you like to have the National Parks, certain destinations and activities mostly to yourselves?

We are going to cover several outdoor rainy day activities that will make you feel alive. 

You’ll go from just another fun time to feeling like you’re in a movie!

Your soul will be warm and you’ll feel content at the end of the day. You’ll be ready to end the day with a hearty meal and get off to one of the best nights sleep you’ve had in a while. 

“In the rain you’ll experience sounds and smells of nature that aren’t around on a normal sunny day.”

Venture Outdoors

The thing is – the National Parks outside of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are beautiful in the rain. Not only that, they stay open, so take advantage of them.

They’re movieesque, IF you know what to do. Don’t let the rain keep you from an adventure or run indoors. Check out the ideas we present below.

#1. Exploring Cades Cove, The Sinks, Clingmans Dome, Cherokee on an Enclosed UTV

Six weeks ago – my wife, two little girls, and a few friends took two enclosed UTVs towards Cherokee on 441 in the rain.

We took the CanAm Defender Lonestar Edition and Yamaha RMAX 1000.

It was on a Sunday afternoon, after my parents left that Sunday morning from their three-day stay to Gatlinburg, TN — a 3-day stay I may add where we didn’t do much because of the rain.

So, a few hours after my parents left, we took a ride up to Cherokee. 

About 15 minutes into the trip, we began to stop at the different pull offs because the creeks and forest looked so beautiful. Check out a picture taken after a short time into our trip. 

I was thinking – gosh, we should have done this with mom and dad while they were in town. What an exceptional experience.

I’ve been up and over the mountain pass to Cherokee many times, but this time, was different. It was a magical atmosphere. There were only a few people out, not the overcrowding I was use to on sunny days. Everything looked enhanced. It was almost romantic in a sense. The fog added to the majesty.

It shifted my mood and left me satisfied for days after.

This made me realize we should have dropped the indoor rainy-day activities when my parents were in town.

Even the overlooks were great!

We drove into the clouds.

How many people get to experience such grandeur and have a unique experience such as this?

Check out the short video for the highlights:

Long story short, we didn’t even make it to Cherokee because we ran out of daylight.

If we would have continued on to NewFound Gap, Clingmans Dome, and eventually Cherokee – the beauty would have only increased and the experience would have been elevated.

We could have made a day trip out of it.

And this is just the Cherokee option for the street-legal UTV Rentals. There are many more, so before moving onto the another solid rainy-day activity option, let’s cover one more. Check out the Cades Cove Post highlighting experiencing Cades Cove on a dreary day with mist and drizzle:

Before we move on and to wrap up this section – know that renting an enclosed UTV on a rainy day won’t disappoint.

Off-Road Gatlinburg will keep you dry and warm.

If you don’t want to stay as dry and want to venture off-road, the next section is for you!

#2. Taking a Off-Road UTV Tour

Growing up as a kid, I used to go outside and ride my four-wheeler in the rain.


I loved going through the creeks when they were flooded, experiencing the mud when it was best, having hills be a challenge, digging ruts, and sliding around. On dry, sunny days, I fantasized about these conditions. I wanted to really test the tires and 4WD.

I can’t find those old pics, but here are a few of me and my oldest daughter riding in the rain back in Durham, NC before starting the business:

Good news for you – Off-Road Gatlinburg does tours in the rain.

Why cancel when conditions are the best?

We allow you to experience the funniest, most optimal conditions lol – conditions off-roaders fantasize about. If you like to off-road, like motor vehicles, and love challenging situations – our tour in the rain is something to drool over.

Most guided tours are lame. Even when it’s dry out, Off-Road Gatlinburg’s tour isn’t lame. It’s an action-packed, 2 hr tour.

If you want to experience the best Off-Road Gatlinburg has to offer – book a tour when it’s raining.

Hills that weren’t challenges before in 4×4 now are. You’ll have to give it extra throttle to make it up and sling some mud along the way. You’ll get that slip and slide you’re looking for.

Check out this short video of a few of the highlights:

The thing is, Anakesesta, the Skybridge, and Ober Gatlinburg are also great options for the rain – but if you want to make a memory of a lifetime, book an off-road tour when it’s raining.

If you do, you’ll be thinking back 10 years from now – “remember when we went off-roading outside Gatlinburg?”

And don’t worry – we will keep you safe, as long as you listen to our guides, and warm.

We have you covered in all seasons, providing suits when it’s cold. 

Check out one of Off-Road Gatlinburg’s UTV Tour Instagram Post:

Off-Road Gatlinburg Instagram Post

Scroll through the pictures. As you see, you’ll be smiling every second of the tour!

Chose to Have a Blast in the Rain

Stop by and check us out at 446 East Pkwy, Gatlinburg, TN 37738. Reserve an enclosed UTV -or- book an off-road tour

Just a heads up – our off-road park is 25-30 minutes outside of Galtinburg, depending on how you drive, so allow time for that if you book in the store.

Experience the majesty of the parks. Warm the soul. Or, sling some mud at our private mountain 🙂

If you’d like to call to book, please call us at 912-270-5222.

If you’d like to book online and would like the direct links for the options, they are as follows:

We hope you enjoyed reading about the rainy day options and we hope to to meet you soon!

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