Code of Conduct

Unseen Pass strives to be good stewards of the town and county it calls home.

Unseen Pass feels it’s important to go above and beyond other rental companies to maintain its presence in West Jefferson & Ashe County, NC. Unseen Pass thinks it’s not only appropriate but important that each of its renters agrees to a code of conduct.

Please keep in mind each Roxor SXS are numbered, has a GPS tracker, and full engine diagnostics. We’re not trying to be anti-fun or sticklers. We want each of our renters to have a blast, and you will, but please understand and agree to our code of conduct – as it helps establish expectations up front.

#1). Be respectful to the residence of Ashe County and mindful of your presence around the county in your Roxor SXS rental. 

This means don’t fly down dirt roads, even if below the speed limit, on which kids could be playing or dogs could be out. Don’t rev the engine or cause unnecessary noises by homes, houses, or in town.

Do not ride outside designated areas or public roads. This includes areas posted “DO NOT ENTER” or posted or private property. No off-roading, whatsoever!

Be aware of other riders and vehicles when driving. Slow down when approaching a blind corner.

No riding on backroads or dirt roads after 9 PM in summer and early fall months (until November 1st). No on backroads or dirt roads after 7 PM in winter months (from November 1st until March 8th).

#2). Be respectful in town. 

Don’t show off, drive careless or reckless, and generate unnecessary noise. Why? This could push the town from banning SXS and autocycles in town limits – which means restrictions for you on future rentals. Follow all NC, county, and town traffic laws. Be respectful of the elderly, children, and those not thrilled about Roxor SXS Rentals. Not everyone is the same. We can’t please everyone either – but do strive to be as respectful as possible in town.

#3). Drive safe

Avoid contact with wildlife, and keep a safe viewing distance. Chickens, dogs, deer, cows, cats, and other animals are likely to run out in front of you. It happens. Be prepared for it. This is why it’s important to obey the traffic laws and keep your eyes on the road.

#4). Never consume drugs or alcohol or be under the influence while driving an Roxor SXS

To be clear, there should be no drugs or alcohol whatsoever in an Unseen Pass Roxor SXS at any time. If you are caught or reported driving with drugs, alcohol, or recklessly under the influence, you’ll have to return your rental unit and will not be refunded. To be clear, no drug alcohol consumption before or during use and possession of a rented Unseen Pass SXS/autocycle or any other vehicle from Unseen Pass.

#5). Use Common Sense

Here are the things we think are important and common sense.

  • Do not carry persons other than what the machine is designed for.
  • Do not park and leave vehicle(s) or equipment unattended for extended periods.
  • Do not leave vehicle(s) in the middle of the road or block traffic if there is a breakdown.
  • Do not put pets in the side-by-sides or drive them around. We love pets and have several, but the leather seats don’t nor is there proper accommodations for them.
  • Do not shift the vehicle while moving. This is a huge “no-no”. Shifting from high to low or low to high can tear out the transmission, which is a very costly and timely repair.
  • Do not tow other Roxors or other vehicles and do not have them tow you and your rental or other rental vehicles.

In case of a breakdown text (919) 451-0569 first in case were with another customer or on the phone. Do not leave a disabled vehicle alone at any time. Additional rental time will be allocated for time lost due to a breakdown for the rider of the down vehicle only.

Careless Driving Policy

These Mahindra Roxor SXS are not to be off-roaded under any circumstance. You’ll be operating these Roxors in accordance with North Carolina law.

Each Roxor has an AutoMile GPS, in addition to full vehicle diagnostics. Each vehicle is also numbered (i.e. #1) in four places. If you wreck, get into an accident, and run-off-road and need to be towed – we will pull the engine and GPS data from the cloud. For example: if you hit a tree and the diagnostics show you were full throttle and/or the GPS shows acceleration then a hard stop, you’ll be held accountable for the damages. Unfortunately, due to insurance and legal purposes, “big brother” has to watch.

If you’re reported to be carelessly or recklessly driving, you’ll be asked to return your vehicle within an hour and will not be refunded. Again, each unit has a GPS tracker along with numbers. If we can’t get a hold of you, we reserve the right to report a vehicle as stolen if we are unable to get up with you after the incident within a reasonable period of time.  Unseen Pass is taking extra steps to ensure the residents and government officials in Ashe County are pleased with Unseen Pass, as Unseen Pass wants to be good citizens and respectful in thanks for allowing us to operate. Unseen Pass wants to be around for years to come!

Never attempt the following:

#1). Powerslides or Spinning Tires

These are high powered SXS and you can easily lose control. Even experienced drivers and racers could lose control of their SXS in an attempted powerslide, especially on dirt roads. They’re not cars.

#2). Racing

Do not participate in any race or other contest involving SXS or other vehicles. Do not operate any SXS in a reckless or dangerous manner.

#3). Side of the road or off-road

It may be tempting to ride on the side of the road to off-road the unit. Drain pipes and other side-of-the-road obstacles can bend a-arms, damage the undercarriage, and damage tires and wheels – which are expensive. Replacing parts means future renters won’t have access to the units. You could also be subject to flipping if you decide to drive off the road, even on the side of the road. Keep your eyes on the road at all times. Watch out for cliffs and drop-offs. Be very careful! Powerline trails are not part of the road. You can have plenty of fun on the dirt roads in the northern and northwestern parts of Ashe County – so there is no need to go on the side of the road or off-road, period.  Do not ride outside designated areas. This includes areas posted “DO NOT ENTER” or simply posted; these are not DOT approved roads. Only operate on DOT roads!

Let’s take care of each other.

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