Self-Guided SXS Routes

Since 2015, the owner/operator of Unseen Pass, along with friends, has been exploring the backwoods of Ashe County, NC on dual-sport bikes (Kyle’s Story).

We’ve mapped out the best, yet less traveled places for you to see and conveniently placed them on two, easy-to-follow routes 🙂


#1. River Route

Explore the branches and forks of the New River!

This route consist of roughly 30% paved roads and 70% dirt roads. The first 25 minutes of this route will get you back to the dirt roads where the adventure really begins.

For those of you who are doing a half day rental or are looking to add another adventure to your longer rental period (i.e. 3 day rental), you’ll love Unseen Pass’ River Route. 

The River Route is roughly 2.5 hrs without stops. You’ll be able to see the different forks and branches of the New River, where the south and north fork meet, and where the river expands down towards Alleghany. You’ll go across cool bridges like Garvey Bridge where you can take some really neat photos. There are also a few places to stop along bridges like the one at Old Field Creek crossing under HWY 16 and Garvey Bridge, where you can have a picnic or walk down to the river.

If you’d like, you’ll also be able to visit the Healing Springs in Grassy Creek, NC. Stop for a taste if you prefer and read about the fascinating history of the springs.

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Unseen Pass’ Mahindra Roxor Driving Across Garvey Bridge Rd. on the New River in NC!

#2. Peak Route

Explore the small town of Lansing, the peaks of Pond Mountain, and one of the best fly fishing creeks in the county, Helton Creek.

Unseen Pass’ Peak Route is roughly 4.5 hrs without stops. With stops, you could spend 6-8 hrs, depending on what you do. This route is designed for those of you who are doing at least a day rental. 

This route consist of roughly 50% paved roads and 50% dirt roads. The first 35-40 minutes will get you back to the dirt roads where the adventure really begins.

Heading out from Unseen Pass’ location, you’ll travel through a small town called Lansing, NC. In Lansing, you can order the best pizza in Ashe County at Pie on the Mountain (call ahead) and eat your pizza at Molly Chomper where you can grab a hard cider for those of you not driving. You can also stop at Lansing Food (small grocery store) to pack a picnic.

Along the route – you’ll be able to see different and most prominent mountain tops of Ashe County. You’ll experience over 2000 ft in elevation and you’ll be able to take some really neat photos from the top of Pond Mountain. 

On the way back from Pond Mountain, you’ll go down the dirt roads beside Helton Creek, which is one of the prettiest creeks in the county.

If you’re looking for a place to stay off this route, check out Unseen Pass’ Places to Stay Blog Post. Several of the lodging options are located off Helton Creek.

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Unseen Pass’ Mahindra Roxor Driving Across Ridgeline in north western Ashe County, NC

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Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources you can have at your fingertips for your visit to West Jefferson and Ashe County NC:

Also – here’s a link to the sitemap which allows you to view all the pages, blog posts, and resources that Unseen Pass has available.

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