Unseen Pass SXS on Garvey Bridge on New River


Prices range from $169 for 2 hrs to a little over $399 for a day.

Service team at Unseen Pass

Two, four, and six seaters are all the same price. If you are bringing family and friends along for the ride, it makes it uber affordable. Here’s something that’s easy to scan:

2 HR – $169*
3 HR – $249*
4 HR – $299*
8 HR – $399*

*Prices are subject to change based on seasonality and demand.

Unseen Pass also has longer durations.

In addition to the rental prices – there are taxes, insurance ($15 per day), and fueling cost (typically $8-20), depending on the duration of your rental. This is standard practice with any rental company.

Each Roxor is $299 and that price covers either a 4 or 6-seater for a 2 hr tour.

Unseen Pass Off-Road Tours

Tours become more affordable when you split cost with the friends and family!

Group Pricing

If you have a large group, our online software makes it easy to select multiple vehicles for on-road rentals and off-road guided tours; however, if you would feel better to call and book a reservation for a group, simply call us @ 912-270-5222.

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